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015. Zine

Balilla Pratella - Manifesto of
Futurist Musicians

"To convince young composers to desert schools, conservatories and musical academies, and to consider free study as the only means of regeneration."

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008. Zine

Steve Reich - Music as Gradual Process

Minimalism´s father explains his composition method in this short essay which was first published in his book " Writings about music 1965-2002" .
"I am interested in perceptible processes. I want to be able to hear the process happening throughout the sounding music."

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012. Zine


Peter Frank - Fluxus Music

Article reprint from Journal: Southern California Art Magazine #22, 1979

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006. Zine

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
- The First Years -

A photographic essay depicting the everyday work of the members of the mythical workshop
responsable for most of BBC´s sound effects between the 50s and 80s.

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016. Paperback

H. Haller - Tracing the Listener of
Electronic Music

A research project about the changing roles and relationships of audiences towards electronically generated music.

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014. Zine

012. Zine

Milton Babbitt - Who Cares if You Listen?

Article reprint from High Fidelity Magazine, February, 1958.

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013. Panfleto

Theodor W.Adorno - Neoclasicismo Musical

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011. Zine

Luigi Russolo - The Art of Noises

Luigi Russolo´s 1914 futurist manifesto on the inclusion of ambient sounds in music.

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010. Paperback


Photos of a family holiday around the Persian Gulf

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20.06.16 - Now available in
Beckbooks,Geneva, Switzerland.


20.06.16 - Zines now available in
Lugemik,Tallin, Estonia.

---------------- sympathizes with
Aaron Swartz´s (1986-2013)
Guerilla Open Access Manifesto


10/12.06.16 - Miss Read,Book Fair,
Berlin, Germany.


20/22.05.2016 - arteBA, Isla de Ediciones Independientes, Buenos Aires,


20/22.05.2016 - Offprint London, Bookfair
Tate Modern, U.K.


19.03.2016 - It´s a Book, Bookfair
Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, Germmany


12.12.2015 - "Dubai, Ras Al Jaima, Fuyaira, Oman, Abu Dabi" by M. Egan can now be browsed in The Thomas J. Watson Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art,
New York,USA


10.12.2015 - The Liberation of Sound by Edgard Varèse can now be browsed in The MoMA Library, New York, USA


16.10.2015 - Fookbair, Bookfair
Staedelschüle, Frankfurt, Germmany


18/20.09.2015 - Paperworks, Book Fair
Gallery Weekend Mexico, Museo Tamayo.


08.2015 - Ahora en Knob Barcelona,


26/28.06.15 - Miss Read,Book Fair,
Berlin, Germany.


04/07.06.2015 - arteBA, Isla de Ediciones Independientes, Buenos Aires,


01.05.15 - Now available in Control,
New York, USA


24/26.04.15 - TLTRPreß took me to Madrid Art Book Fair, Libros Mutantes, Spain.


06.03.15 - will be included
in the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts selection for the Ravenna Art Book Fair,Fahrenheit 39, Italy.


12.11.14 - Now available in the
bookstores; LAIE,Barcelona and
in Printed Matter, New York.


25.09.14 - Zine tent at the New York Art Book Fair, MOMA PS1, USA.


24.04.14 - Madrid Art Book Fair, Libros Mutantes, Spain


22.03.14 - junto a Llamada Fantasma en Otero, Argentina


ABOUT re-publishes essays, interviews and stories which are considered breakthrough regarding the inclusion of electronic devices in music.

Publishing is the process of production and dissemination of literature, music, or information — the activity of making information available to the general public.


This term is used to describe the use of efficient publishing and distribution techniques to publish a work intended for a specific micromarket. Typically, these works are not considered by larger publishers because of their low economy of scale, mass appeal and the difficulties that would arise in their marketing.


"How to produce it, collect it, enrich it, reinvent it permanently in order to make it compatible with mutant Universes of value?" F. Guattari


Please e/mail me your project if you are interested in getting published by
I would also like to collaborate with occasional editors.

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"Our music was once divided into its proper forms...It was not permitted to exchange the melodic styles of these established forms and others. Knowledge and informed judgment penalized disobedience. There were no whistles, unmusical mob-noises, or clapping for applause. The rule was to listen silently and learn; boys, teachers, and the crowd were kept in order by threat of the stick. But later, an unmusical anarchy was led by poets who had natural talent, but were ignorant of the laws of music. Through foolishness they deceived themselves into thinking that there was no right or wrong way in music, that it was to be judged good or bad by the pleasure it gave. By their works and their theories they infected the masses with the presumption to think themselves adequate judges. So our theatres, once silent, grew vocal, and aristocracy of music gave way to a pernicious theocracy...the criterion was not music, but a reputation for promiscuous cleverness and a spirit of law-breaking."

Plato, Laws 700-701a


Victoria gondra Victoria gondra Victoria gondra

007. Zine


Theremin´s virtuoso interviewed by synthesizer´s maverick in 1977.

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009. Zine

Edgard Varèse - The Liberation of Sound
(1st published in 1936)

"I dream of instruments obedient to my thought and which with their contribution to a whole new world of unsuspected sounds, will lend themselves to the exigencies of my inner rhythm." 

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002. Zine


Cinco artículos para pensar a los jóvenes en la Argentina contemporánea

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005. Zine


Issue # 1 of a series of uncut interviews with electronic contemporary musicians.

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003. Music

Cassette C-20

Dark / Techno / PSY / Amateur

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